Welcome, Brave Hearts!

I’m done with fear. I’m done with weary. I’m done with being disconnected from myself and my world. My soul just can’t bear it any more.

I bet you are done, too, or the idea of being done sounds pretty fantastic.

It is a great idea, being done. It is almost a fantasy of what life *could* be like. But when you make the choice and drop the weight of fear, what then? What comes after the “done”?

Here, we will work to figure that out together. We will pay attention to that which turns our head and heart, those fears that keep us from moving forward, and we will dig deep to brave interaction with all of those thing, the goals being growing, learning, and connecting with the world around us.

Let’s do it. Let’s do it all. Let’s be curious, brave, go on adventures, let go, learn, connect with ourselves, with God, with our world. We can do this.

Bravery is just a skill and a skill that we can cultivate with compassionate intentionality. 

Bravery sometimes means risk…but it also could mean freedom, peace, knowledge, and connection.

If you feel stuck….

If you are afraid…

If you feel like you need more…

If you feel like an outsider…

If you aren’t naturally social but need to break out of your regular pattern…

If you are VERY social but need to recall your energies and find some calm…

If you just need relief and someone to share your journey with you…

Then I’m glad you are here. Join the email list so that you never miss a post.

Let’s be curious, be brave, and be connected.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Feeling so ready to go on this road along with you!

    I must be a “brave heart”, then, although bravery is not my strong suit: but your words poured courage and determination in me! You have lit my fire! Thank you for showing up!


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